Upd8r: OTA Upgrades Tool for custom ROMs


First of all hi to all are reading this first post of my first blog about my first android application!

This application (market link) is very simple but very useful and powerful: it does a simple thing, read from internet a file (JSON format) and shows to the user a simple UI from where he will choose what do he want.

Through this app ROM’s authors could push to their users all update they want: zip to flash or simply script command it does not matter.

First (again!!!) ROM to be “UPD8R COMPATIBLE” is KRAKD a very remarkable ROM from James Carr, suggested to all ASUS TF101 owners, but all ROMs could be compatible: 2 txt files are required, 1 on a intenet server (configuration file) and 1 into the ROM (but not very necessary, path to reach configuration file can be set also through the options panel).

In the end thanx to gnufabio Revolver Rom‘s author because it was the first to have the idea of an app like this, his app is called Revolver Parts.

10x to all…

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