Upd8r User Manual

Current version: 1.0.6

This manual is intended for rom’s developers.

Upd8r can work on all roms with android version 3.2 or greater, it needs only 1 file on a server to manage download and/or commands.

There would also be another file into the rom but it is not strictly necessary (but suggested) so let proceed in order.

Upd8r at start search for a file named “upd8rURL.txt” in the directory “/system”, this file contains the URL from where to download a JSON format configuration file. If “upd8rURL.txt” is not found application start but is empty, it is necessary to go to options page and input JSON file’s URL and then do a manual update.

An example of the JSON format file could be found at: http://droidrevenge.xtreemhost.com/headers.txt

Logically this file is consists of section and details, for example, referring to the file into the URL above, sections can be OTA, kernels, plugins, themes and so on, while details can be, for plugins section, plugin#1, plugin#2.

Each detail has these attributes:

  • itemtitle: title of the item
  • ischeckbox: NOT USED ANYMORE
  • summary: brief explanation of the item
  • downloadpath: path from where download a file
  • md5: md5 cheksum which is used after download to ensure accuracy of the download itself
  • savepath: where to put a download
  • applytoversion: an item can be applied to a specific version (rule can be >=, <=, <, > or =)
  • rebootreauired: says if is required a reboot into recovery after a download is done
  • rebootonlyreauired: says if is required a reboot after a download is done
  • commandpre: command to execute before download start
  • commandpost: command to execute after download finish

If an item dos not have a download path but only has commandpre and/or commnadpost this is consider a script and it will be shown with a particular icon.

To be continued…


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